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Appel à communications – Colloque sur le thème « Hydrosphere : Challenges of preserving and using WATER (Eco-)Systems in the Anthropocene »

15 février 2022

Colloque: du 23 au 24 mars 2022 en Visio

Remise des propositions de communication : jusqu’au 15 février 2022

European University (EPICUR : the European Partnership for an Innovative Campus Unifying Regions)
Water is equally a natural and social resource at the core of human existence which in turn has deeply shaped the waters that flow through the Earth. Taking an Anthropocene perspective, EPICamp invites a fully interdisciplinary approach – combining ecological, biological, earth, and social sciences – to discuss challenges, opportunities, and solutions for the socio-ecological systems of water. This includes thinking about sustainable management of water resources, the preservation of biodiversity, the ecosystem functioning for healthy societies but also the interconnection between the environment and cultural identities, such as the conservation of traditional ways of life and the creation of resilient economies base on water(s). In order to balance the natural / engineering sciences with more human-centered approaches, this EPICamp in particular invites scholars from the emerging field of Environmental Humanities. The EnvHum address ecological and sustainability-related issues through historical, political and cultural lenses to aid in the development of appropriate forms of resilience and sustainability as well as their communication to society.

There are three options for participation in the EPICamp :
– Participation with Thematic Contribution (Pitch presentations, open discussion groups, workshops & Skill presentations, plenary presentation, other formats)
– Participation with Organizational Contribution
– Participation as an active attendee

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15 février 2022
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